#vINCEPTION2018 - Growth Hacking Accelerator & Mentorship For Those Who 
Aim to make six figures in 2018
- The first ever mix of "Done for you" and "teaching" - We set up your systems for getting clients with you!
The #Vinception2018 course is NOT about teaching growth hacks, though if you watch it and take action, all of your growth hacks will be 10 X’ed.

I’m doing this course in part because I’ve seen too many of you not accelerating the way you should in your companies. 
You are overwhelmed by all of the growth hacks in this and other Facebook groups

You find it hard to find the time to make the growth hacks happen

You’ve started some growth hacks and not gotten massive results so you stopped

You want stuff to run on autopilot but you feel like you’re over-involved and have to be “there” overseeing every little thing.
So, why is this happening to you?
There are a few reasons.
Most information in this space is terrible, written by people who have never done “it”, they’ve just taken a Facebook ads or Amazon dropshipping course and now think they’re ready to show others how it' done (spoiler: They have no idea).

This stuff pollutes your news feed with ads all day long.

You read it or watch it, but don’t get anything back.

You’re maybe somewhat new to the entrepreneur game, or trying a new business out after a successful career elsewhere.

The internet has changed everything.

You know there’s a massive opportunity in here, but you don’t know which areas to focus on.

I don’t wanna dwell on the negatives, but this is costing you.

If you’re in the same or similar position as you were last year with the same sort of clients, making the same sort of money

Or nowhere near raising investment money for your company despite months of effort, you’re stuck in the same place.

If you’re watching others kill it on your Facebook feed and wondering why that’s not you, you will love this.

The reason this problem is difficult to solve on your own is that, as mentioned, most info out there is very bad, but more than that, very few people are in the space doing it like me.

I’ve learned what to do and what not to do.

I see it as my job to reduce the learning curve so you get instant results for effort.
Here’s a strange confession...
I’ve never done SEO. Too hard.

Never really chased Pr either: Too many humans involved.

What I love is systems I’m in control of.

And now I’m going to teach all of them to you, in full.
What if there was a system that, once learned, could ...
Transform your business from small-time to the power of a corporation without any of the bad bits?  

Would you want to know it?

You’re probably thinking: “Why hasn’t anyone done this before if systems are so revolutionary?” Well, I’ll tell you.

Most people in the online marketing space, focus on one niche and go hard on that.

They are the tradesmen whose only tool is a hammer, thus everything for them looks like nail.
Then they spam you with Facebook ads, convincing you:
What you DEFINITELY need is Facebook ads!

Whether you have the budget or not to spend, I’m gonna force this on you anyway!

Alternatively, they will push that “Consulting is the answer! Let me show you the way, even if it’s not what you actually want to do!”

No matter what company you run, most marketers will try and siphon you into whatever it is they specialise in.

I’m rare in that I’m full-stack, so I can teach everything from how to do a successful Kickstarter to how to raise investment money to get free traffic or grow a personal brand.
I know that many of you are running very different businesses.
These systems are niche-agnostic, which means they work as well in an internet marketing/coaching business as they will in a tech startup.

It’s rarely the tools that are the problems, it’s normally the strategy and execution. Both of which will be in the course I’m launching right here on this page.

Numbers are the only thing that investors care about.

Numbers basically save your company, the bottom line where all growth hacking leads to.

I’m going to show you how to get the numbers working for your company through systems and automation.
What this will mean for you?
You give yourseld the tools to help your revenue, engagement, and followers go up with far less stress than trying to work it all out on your own.

It feels SO GOOD getting those push notifications from Stripe on your phone - in fact they’re the only pushes I let to my front screen. It’s an AMAZING feeling.

A while ago I took a nap after getting back from New York and literally made over $300 while I slept.

Completely automated - and my website was less than two weeks old.

Things can move quickly when you have well-prepared systems.

It feels less like pushing the boulder uphill, and more like the beginning of the tipping point when it begins to gain momentum on the other side.

If that sounds like you, you will love this.
This course is about transforming your business.
This is about not relying on “hope marketing”, or a magic growth hack to come out of me, Charlie, Josh or anyone’s else’s minds and saving your business.

This is about big-company thinking without all of the bullshit that comes with running a big company!

I promise if you watch this webinar and take action, your business will transform

I’m going to show you how big businesses use systems to print money, and how you can too.
if you’re thinking “this won’t work for me”, this is because..
Your Brain Naturally Has A Bias Against The Unknown.

And growth hacks and systems seem complex, and hard.

The good news is, I’m going to be simplifying everything.

Like I said previously, I’m a creative person so I’m not exactly an organized accountant. I create idiot-proof systems as they’re the only ones I can follow.
If you’re thinking “I don’t have $5,000 to drop on a course”, Don't Worry
The #Vinception course is nowhere near that price, will cost less than an intern per month, and you can spread the payments over three months so it’s not a big hit on your account.

If you’re thinking “I don’t have time”, all we ask is four hours of your time per week.

If you don’t have that much free time to invest in yourself, you don’t have a life.

We’ll be handholding you through all of the systems, so you won’t be alone in this.

Most coaching programs vomit information on you and leave it to you to work out how to implement it.
In the #Vinception course, you get facetime with me or my team every week
Where we all work on the homework together on a live group call, where you can ask questions while you literally work on the projects in real time.

If you’re not sure if this will work for you, if you don’t think it’s working out for you, we’ll refund you the remainder of the course, no questions asked.

We can only do that as we know how awesome this course is.

These are the same systems we use in our own agency, and teach other companies to use.
Just think…
Everything I’ve written and put on Traffic and Copy, that you’ve read and used, has been massive for some of you 

This will be 100x better, tailored for you, with me giving you direct feedback on your business every week!
Some of you will know my story:
Was on welfare, living off $100 a week

Launched Planet Ivy, raised two rounds of VC money

Planet Ivy failed

Had to fire my entire team

We had no systems and no backup for when traffic died

I promised myself I’d never put myself in the same position again

I created systems, then:

Launched a 6-figure copywriting agency

Launched a 6-figure growth hacking business

Gave 52 talks in 2015, best speaker sxsw v2v

Gave 100+ talks around the world in 2016

Debut book launch - $100k in pre-orders

Traffic and Copy launch

Focused on helping people do what I do, through systems - another 6-figure business

As ever, I’m not saying the above to impress you- most of you watching this will know what I’ve achieved in the last three years.
Some other points you may be surprised to know:
I did all of the above basically on my own, BECAUSE I created systems 

(To give you an example of where I’m at, I basically had zero staff at the start of this year, I now have five members) so if you’re a solopreneur or freelancer, then I’ve been where you are.

These systems are the #Vinception I have carried out on others. And you can too ;-)

Yes, it takes work. But me and my team will help you set everything up and hold your hand to make it as painless as possible. Your hustle has friends now :)
So why is NOW the time for this?
Things change quickly in the space we’re in.

Some of you are still dawdling on creating your Facebook group

I can tell you Facebook are on the edge of taking away the main way to grow a group

These systems are somewhat timeless, but some of the strategies will not last

We are only opening the cart for a few days then the course begins

As far as I’m concerned, everything in Traffic and copy has been leading up to this.
Here's what previous students on the course achieved after the accelerator:
So How Will It Work?
Like my last three coaching classes, this is going to be a small class.

The pilot course sold out in a single webinar

The second sold out and saw huge results for students

The third one sold out and had the best results for students in any course I've ever done

Students got huge results which transformed their businesses

This is NOT traditional coaching, but you will get opportunities every week to get direct, accelerated coaching from me

This is NOT teaching, though you will learn things which will change your businesses’ life

This is a twelve-week accelerator which will take you through a series of easy-to-follow but POWERFUL activities to improve your company from top to bottom so that you can work less and make more money by learning and implementing systems that will leverage your time and maximise your profits.

What Does This Mean For You?
• Nailing your personal brand/branding, ideal customer avatar, copywriting and traffic channels = more sales

• Actual training and systems, not “advice”

• Easy to follow homework's - A few hours per week is all that’s required to change your business/life

• Each week compounds from the last, so your business will gain momentum throughout the course
This course is for:
Anyone starting their own company in the future who wants a gameplan for building a scaleable system

Anyone currently running their own small business or startup who isn’t getting the results they want

Anyone who wants to be a growth hacker or marketing expert

So whether you run your own company or for someone else, you won’t just be talking about the hot growth hacks, you’ll be able to walk into any company and blow their mind with systems to transform what they’re doing

No joke- Just by doing this course, you could easily start a marketing or growth hacking agency right out of the gate
So what results can you expect in #Vinception?
• Systems which will make you more sales - How to find clients, service clients, invent products/services, and cheeky methods some of the best in the game have used to get revenue from unexpected people/places

• Systems for guaranteed community growth throughout the program and beyond - Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook - You'll be a master at all four to such a high level you could consult with other people and be paid for your expertise immediately after completing the course. You'll also build the HELL out of your personal brand:

• Build a public speaking empire using the EXACT framework I used to win best speaker at SXSW V2V, book a 100-date world tour, and close deals from the stage

• Build your community as a Facebook group, the #1 way to get engagement from your audience without paying Facebook ;)

Here’s how it’s gonna work:
It’s a group coaching course with a small number of participants.

There are three sessions per week

The first I’ll be teaching a system or automation, such as how to write copy or create a Twitter traffic empire

In the second, everyone tunes in to do the homework together. This is optional, but the point is you are MUCH more likely to execute on this stuff if you’re in a group with others doing the same, and you can ask questions on the group coaching call, things like:

“I can’t see where the button is to make this work”

“I can’t make this work”

“I don’t know what to put in here”

Me and my team have you covered.

The third session is the mastermind session, where you can go through your finished systems and any questions about your company with either me or Kyle Benoit, my in-house growth hacker who does most of my growth hacking for me. He is the real deal.

So between these three sessions...
we are going to turn your company into a machine
I invented this course specifically so other companies can scale the same way I have with minimal effort.

You’ll also receive all the slides and video recordings, so if you miss any of the sessions or can’t be there live, don’t worry, you will still receive them, and they are yours to keep forever. You’ll be getting the world’s best growth hacking systems as a video library, forever.

The course will start in two weeks, and I’ll be working with you to understand where your business is at before we start so we understand where you’re at and how we can transform your business.
Bonuses you’re going to get:
• Free access to my platinum circle email list - My private email of everything that’s working in my business right now, and private conversations with the best growth hackers in the game. This content will never be published in blogs or in the group

• You’ll be working on my team- getting actionable feedback on your landing page/website/funnel, my project manager Cris  will help you implement systems to make you organised the easy way (I am lazy as hell)

• A kick off call with me where I’ll give you ideas specifically for your company

• You’re going to be put in a private Facebook group where me and my team will answer your questions every day - So you’ll get FULL access to my growth team. You won’t feel alone as you do now trying to make things happen

You want to talk about price from a position of authority 
Why am I the person to take this forward?
Simply put, I’ve done everything in the modern sales landscape.
E.g. Kickstarter, raising money etc.

There are many courses you can do online, each costing around $3,000 (sometimes up to $10,000. Mine costs less than a single one.

We’ll be here all night if I went through all of the courses, but here are some of the courses that are going to transform your business:

Before I tell you, just to let you know how this product came together?

I looked at every competitive advantage I have.

All of my “secret sauce”

And I started to map out every area I could teach so that anyone who executed on it got the same results I did.
So these are the areas that you could excel in if you join this course:
Week 1
Pick your niche/build your core story - My team will write you one killer “announcement/core story” post OR a company statement
How to pick the most profitable market for your services AND the most profitable segment of that market
How to package, price and position your services so that you can get the best price and sell to your clients with ease

How to get paid at least $2,000 /month by packing together what you already know

Most people spend 3+ years on this and still get it WRONG! This is the foundation of your consulting business and it is fatal if you don’t get it right. 

We get this dialed in within the first 7 days! 

Week 2
Choose your offering/product / Mastering The Consultation - My team will help you write a sales letter or short video pitch using our proven formula

How to conduct the perfect consultation so that you convert your calls at 25% right out of the gates
I have done over 1,500 consultations and have truly MASTERED this and refined it to a methodology and script. 
You get my actual script and full training on how to do the calls

Recorded calls showing you *exactly* how to do these like a master

How to accept credit cards online and via the phone (I get you setup with your own merchant)
If you mess this part up you will generate appointments but get no clients and literally leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table. I train you to be at the top of your game and close at 25% within 14days of starting. 

Week 3
Building a lead magnet & funnel - We’ll help you create the lead magnet and Clickfunnels page

The essential parts you need to start planning out your funnel
Includes: A cheatsheet for producing your lead magnet/eBook in record time, that your audience will love
Week 4
Growing and automating your social media strategy part 2: Instagram and LinkedIn

Includes: A laundry list of methods for fast Instagram and Twitter growth

Social Media for clients: Twitter, and Instagram - My team will set up your accounts to grow on autopilot throughout the course and show you how we do it for you to do the same

By the end of this session you will be able to:
Create and monitor hashtags for sales opportunities

Week 5
Linkedin content and automation - We’ll help you set up your accounts on LinkedHelper and help you craft a LinkedIn profile that will convert

Learn Fast Ways To Get Clients Organically 
3 Proven methods for getting high paying clients as quickly as possible without spending a dime on advertising
We want to get you your first few clients within the first 30days of starting this training program before touching FB ads and this is how we do that!
Method 1 - Direct Mail (proven template)
Method 2 - Direct Outreach Email (proven template)
Method 3 - Organic FB Posts (proven templates from millions of views)
Most people take 6months to 1 year before they land their first paying client. We get you rocking within your first 21 days of starting this program and without spending a dime on paid advertising! 

Week 6
How to get clients: cold email & appointment setting

Setting Up Your Appointment Generating Machine
Full step by step training on how to setup our proven appointment generating machine
Templates of all the landing pages so you just upload them with a few clicks!
My script and slides for the “Value Video” you can model from me
Access to all the software required to set this up so that it works just like mine
To build this yourself would take over 300 hours and cost you over $50,000. In this training program I hand you it all on a silver platter and we get you up and running within the first 30 days!   

Week 7
Cold emailing mastermind - How to find leads, how to email them, how to convert them

Includes: Every piece of software and tactic you’ll need to start cold emailing and getting clients

Once you’ve got your appointment generating machine live it’s time to start driving some traffic through it and really scaling your consulting business!

FULL step by step training on how to setup wildly successful Facebook campaigns that get appointments for $30 and new clients for $120!
Proven templates for ads, instructions on how to setup your targeting, pitfalls to watch out for and training on how to manage everything day-to-day
I have spent over $750,000 on Facebook ads and have spent over $230,000 learning from the worlds best Facebook marketers and in this module I boil down everything I have learned and hand it to you on a silver platter
Most people try FB on their own and spend 6 months and tens of thousands of dollars trying to get it right before giving up with a pile of debt and frustration. We get it dialled in within 5 weeks of working together!  

Week 8
Scaling To 6 Figures & Beyond
In Week 8 we already have you setup and making money and now it’s time to scale things up to the next level!
Learn the legals you need to run your consulting business: contracts, proposal templates, terms and condition etc. (Save thousands in lawyers fee’s)
How to position yourself as an expert in your industry and command higher prices
3 Proven referral systems to get every client you win to refer you to at least 2-3 new ones
How to hire other people to do your strategy session calls so that you can turn up the volume and get to high 6-figures, even 7-figures! 

The course is £697 a month, x 2 months (that’s about $987 a month, american friends)
So, for less than the cost of hiring an intern, you are going to get the same systems that I’ve charged companies $10,000+ for.

I would have loved this course when I was starting out- It would’ve saved me a lot of wasted time.

I’ve deliberately cost the price low to help those who are "on the way up" as I was when I was starting out four years ago.

This will be a $3,000 course when I’m selling it on my websites and getting affiliates sending me traffic, but today it’s less than $2000 all in.

Most companies pay that for one month for a marketing consultant who will teach you zero systems, and likely keep their secrets to themselves.
This isn’t buying a fish, it's teaching yourself how to fish for customers for life.
Once you’ve signed up, you’re going to get immediate bonuses, and we are going to set up when you’ll be speaking to me directly on the kickoff call for the group.

This is your chance to get mentored by me.

I’m barely consulting with anyone right now and won’t be for the duration of this course, so you’ll have my full attention.
Pre-sale is officially open! 
We’ll have the cart open for a few days then we start the course and the chance will be gone.

I'm likely NEVER doing a three-month teaching and mentoring course like this again. 
If all goes well I’ll be super busy in Los Angeles in three months’ time and may not have time to do the lessons myself.

You’ll have access to me and my team throughout this course to make sure you can execute on everything you need.
Now here's the thing guys,
there are limited spaces available.
The last group I had I capped it at 36 people only!

BUT right now you can guarantee your place on the next course now with

The first five signups get a One-on-One "POWER UP" call with me! (Two have already been taken!)

This is where I personally talk you through your biggest business problem right now and set you on the right path to fix it on the spot!

Can you imagine what that could do for your business?

And the best part?

It's 100% FREE!

But you have to be one of the first 5 sign ups!

Register now before you miss it!
Sign Up Today, If You're Not Happy For ANY REASON during the course Just Let Me Know And We’ll Give Your Money Back.
You Have Two Choices Now...
Which One Will You Make Today?
Do nothing and continue to struggle.

Unable to get the traffic and number of users/ customers that you require.

Thus, missing the opportunities to share with them the power and value of your products / services… unable to consistently and reliably “close the deal” and generate the revenues and profits owed to you….


Take action today, and make this small investment (Which Is 100% Risk Free), and empower yourself to have the insider proven knowledge, the hacks that work and get the traffic and users/customers that eventually will whip out their wallet and BUY from you.

You have nothing to lose… Worst case scenario, just ask for your money back and you’ll get it. ... and we'll still be friends ;)

If you want to to take your business and revenue to the next level you just have one choice to make...

So Order Today, Right Now, Before This Opportunity Goes Away For Good!

p.s. If you're not sure if this is right for you, you can book a call with me if you have any questions here.

p.p.s. If you have any problems paying, you can paypal the first month to v@magnific.com or all 3 months for $1800, saving you over $120! - Email me on v@magnific.com for any payment issues/enquiries

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